What we stand for


Providing local Bristol young adults with access to inexpensive sporting programmes that are effective in improving their mental and physical health. Our sporting programs are enjoyed by young adults because they feel encouraged to express themselves, and they also make new friends along the way.


Connecting individuals with high-quality sporting programmes that they will enjoy. We provide sports ranging from archery to rock climbing. There will always be a sporting activity for everyone to enjoy! Everyone loves our sporting activities because they are fun and created with young adults in mind.


Encouraging young adults to participate in sporting activities and supporting them to take part! Sports are for everyone, regardless of the person’s age. Young people in Bristol may feel discouraged from participating in sporting activities, so we want to provide an opportunity for them to take part in sports with other individuals their age.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer swimming, cycling, boxing or archery. We will have something for you!

You can also learn more about the types of sports we provide, and if we don’t, get in contact.

Why should young people get involved in sports?

Getting involved in sports has many valuable benefits for young people that will last forever.

  • Learning a new skill
  • Improves their mental and physical health
  • Make new friends that share the same interests as them
  • Increased academic intelligence
  • Learning how to overcome challenges
  • Develop leadership and team-building skills
  • Potential to have a professional sporting career

Parents and young adults enjoy the sporting activities we provide. Our activities provide the young adult with the joy of a new hobby, and the parent is thrilled knowing their child will have a positive way to express themselves.

Unlike video games and visiting a friend, our sporting activities provide young adults across Bristol with a healthy, pro-active way for them to enjoy themselves and feel good about themselves whilst doing so.

Our sporting activities are known for giving young adults higher self-esteem and an improved sense of confidence. Everyone provides each other with positive energy, kindness and lifts each other up to do their best.

What do people like about our sporting activities?

“The swimming programme is the best. My instructor is really supportive and she thinks if I stick to it then I could compete in tournaments. It’s very relaxing to go swimming, and I like how fun the lessons are.”

Lucie J

“I was very lonely before I started joining the rugby programme. At school, I was always left out, and my mum signed me up for it and now I love it! Every Thursday I get to see my rugby friends and we all have tons of fun.”

Dave M

“As a teenager, my son was struggling with self-esteem related to his weight. He felt insecure about his figure and wanted to get some method of exercise – I was all for it because I wanted him to do what made him happy and would increase his confidence. Since he’s been playing football, he’s gone down a few sizes and he wants to play for the local team one day. Really proud of everything he has accomplished.”

– Karen R 

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